Gaming Festival

OFFSCREEN Festival gives audiences a behind-the-scenes look at the gaming industry. Giving an insight to the production process’s of motion capture, charcater design, cinematography and many more the festival encourages a diverse audience. The square based typeface is inspired from the underlying structure of games, pixels. The use of the opening window represents the idea of opening gaming to new audiences.

Instagram Marketing

A series of Insight Videos that gives viewers a short preview at the type of content that will be seen at OFFSCREEN.

Digital Posters

Online Console Game

Free games are given to console users each month via their consoles online store.

Iconic retro video games reformed using the identities structure. These games will be part of the free monthly package of games to advertise the festival to gamers specifically.

Stage Screen Graphics

Screen graphics that showcases idents during intervals and the presentation of speakers names.

Presentation of nominees during awards ceremony.

Festival App

OFFSCREEN App allowing people to view the festivals line-up and pre-book workshops/talks.

Both gamers and creatives have the desire to network.

Festival gaming concept of people gaining points when networking with one another. Participants with the most amount of points win prizes and awards. The App allows users to interact with talks/interviews by people being able to post self-written questions to the stage screen.

Programme x Schedule x Wristband